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When you stay at Dear Lake Resort you are renting the entire facility.  1,100 acres of privacy with a 40 acre lake where there is no one else but you and your friends.  Our "Base Rate" includes the first 20 people and then there is a $20 per person per night fee in addition to the base rate.  When you have 20+ people our rates are comparable to higher end hotels and we include so much more.

Please call Rob or Terry to discuss the details of your group at 847-867-0544.

Resort Schedule

We typically only offer Saturday to Saturday one-week stays.

Additional House Rules

Deer Lake is a housekeeping resort. You clean up for the next group and leave the way you would expect it on your arrival. Housekeeping is available for an additional charge.

Affordable Rates

Three nights is $4,350 for the first 20 guests. Then, $20 per guest per night.

Seven nights are $8,750 for the first 20 guests. Then $20 per guest per night.

Nightly after the base rate is $1,500 per night plus additional guests.

For groups of 21 or more, you will be required to add $20 to the base rate per person. Please note that rates only apply to guests more than four years of age. Rates are subject to change without prior notice and include all applicable state and local taxes.

Reservation Policy

A non-refundable deposit of $1000 is due upon reservation. Eight months prior to your stay, a 50% non-refundable payment is due. The balance is then due 4 months prior to your stay and no refunds are given for cancellation. Snowmobile trips are only refundable if the trails are officially closed; a $500 fee will be deducted from your reservation. A 100% refund will be returned if we are able to rent out the period of time you had reserved. We apologize for this strict policy but it is because we attract only large groups that are typically planning trips one year in advance, and rarely do we get qualified renters with less than six months' notice.